1. - Routing

Routing Plan - GC Gernsheim

The basis of an exceptional golf course is a well structured routing. A well constructed golf course will not hide fundamental errors in the routing(skeletal framework) of the course. 

The first step to producing the optimal routing is the compilation of neccessary information, upon which the routing can be based. Site analysis includes accurate topographic surveys, wetland delineation, geological surveys, soil analysis and views analysis. All these elements are taken into consideration and with this information time can be spent on site allowing routing possibilities to crystalise.

2. - Conceptual Design

Layout -Hole 2 EGW

This phase of the design process establishes the style and character of the Golf Course, along with the scope of works and investment.

Conceptual drawings of each hole on the golf course are created, including individual sketches that illustrate the utilisation of the existing features, areas in need of modification, construction and maintenance issues as well as golfing strategy and visual appeal.

Computer Aided Design is then applied to create Schematic Construction Drawings, which establish approximate requirements for items including topsoil, earthworks, drainage e.t.c.  Based on this initial design work we compute a preliminary Bill of Quantities, which in turn we use to calculate a Preliminary Construction Budget.

A full-color masterplan rendered to scale is then created and presented to the client, along with a Detail Design book illustrating the concept of each hole.

3. - Detail Design

Detail Design involves the development of the Conceptual Design into Working Drawings for all matters relating to the construction of the golf course.

Our extensive use of CAD at this stage allows for a more accurate calculation of the Bills of Quantities and more detailed Construction Specification. Plan documents include topsoil management, earthworks, grading, main drainage, as well as numerous other construction components.

The fine detail of golf course design is best executed in the field in collaboration with talented shapers, who possess the skill and the creativity to form features in great variety.

4. - Construction

Fine Shaping - GC Bachgrund

"We Design & We Build" - means or course that we do not strictly provide Golf Course Design Services, but also serve as the general contractor as part of a complete "Design & Build" package. We personally commit to achieve full time, on site project management on every project throughout the construction process.

In order to achieve these goals, an AGD Design Associate is assigned to every project ensuring a seamless design realisation. This person is on site full time communicating design intent, liaising with the client and construction team allowing for seamless progress feedback and Design implemetation.

5. - Consultation & Support

GC Gernsheim (Grow-in)

Atlantic Golf Design is very committed to seeing its endeavors right through to the end i.e. a well grown-in, well maintained and manicured golf course. After the construction process, AGD will advise its clients in achieving the establishment of good turf, identifying mowing contours to suit maintenance practices and course presentation which will enhance and style the original design concept.

"Design & Build"

The "Design & Build" system  practiced by Atlantic Golf Design is very unique in the Golf industry. The difference to the coventional system is that one company takes control of the project from its very conception through to course opening. Some of the advantages of this system are listed below:

  • The client deals with just one entity.
  • A very fluid design process keeping detailed design efforts to a minimum. This system is not only efficient but saves our clients on design expense which can be used to better effect in other areas of the project.
  • We utilise the golfclubs own resources, machines and personnel which keeps construction costs to a minimum.
  • Changes to the design can be made very quickly in the field usually without need of new quantities or estimations.
  • The aim of the company is to produce the ideal golf product.


  • Initial Site Surveying & Site Appraisal 
  • Golf Course auditing & appraisal of existing Golf Courses
  • Complete Design Packages with all estimates and specifications
  • Site and tree clearance
  • Earthworks Calculations & execution
  • Lake construction and lining
  • Shaping of the golf course and golf features
  • Design & Build of Greens, tees and bunkers to USGA or FLL specification.
  • Design & Build of cart paths/maintenance roads
  • Cultivate, fertilise and seeding or planting of the golf course
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