Atlantic Golf Design offers a range of services in the Golf Course Design and Construction industry. The services we provide enable the realisation of Golf Course development projects from the initial conception through to the opening and the first round of play. AGD has experience with all scales of Golf Course Developments and are specialised not only for new build Golf Projects but also for the ever-growing remodelling and redesign sector. The following is a broad listing of the services provided:

Golf Course Appraisal / Site Analysis

Slope Analysis

At the outset of any golf course project, it is important to assess and evaluate the given landscape whether this be a new site of large proportion or the smallest remodelling job on an existing golf course. A thorough analysis is the foundation of a good design. Atlantic Golf Design practice the following analysis services:


  • Topographical Surveys
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Vegetation Surveys and Audit
  • Views Analysis
  • Sun/Shade Analysis
  • Natural Features Appraisal
  • Strategic Analysis on Existing Courses


Initial Design Suggestions

Once we have completed a thorough Site analysis, we begin to work with producing different possibilities for routing the course. There is usually more than one way to route a course but we will always have a firm and reasoned recommendaton for our clients. These initial layouts are just a framework whereon we can base our preliminary calculations. The services are as follows:


  • Golf Course Routing
  • Client Consultancy on Routing and Layout
  • Concept Development
  • Feasability Study
  • Preliminary Cost Estimations

Permit Planning

Cross Sections for Earth Movement

Usually we undertake the entire planning process in collaboration with local engineering offices. This allows for the best utilisation of local knowledge of the system, reduces time delays for translation e.t.c. and enables us to make use of an already established construction network. Here we provide services as follows:


  • Area Use and Management Plans
  • Cut and Fill Illustrations
  • Cross sections of Proposed Earthmovment
  • Planting Plans
  • Clearance Plans



Masterplan, Golfclub St. Johann, Austria

The Masterplan is presented to a high quality so that it can also be used for marketing purposes, whether it be for future customers, investors or indeed existing members on an existing course. If required Atlantic Golf Design will, in cooperation with a third party company, produce 3D Visualisation and fly throughs for marketing purposes. The following services are offered:



  • Masterplans of the Golf Course
  • Hole by Hole Layout Presentation
  • Design Process Documents
  • Presentations to Clients and Members


Detailed Design

Earthworks & Grading



The detailed design of the golf course is best developed in conjunction with the development of the Masterplan.  Atlantic Golf Designs system is to keep all superfluous detailed design to a minimum believing the most small detail is better created on site during construction. Our reduced detail design process is efficient but thorough and enables us to derive our exact cost estimation. Detail Design process includes:


  • Technical Layouts
  • Grading Plans
  • Drainage Plans
  • Planting Schemes
  • Conceptual Greens Designs
  • 3D Sketching


Quantities & Specifications

Detailed Drainage Design

Here again we extensively use Computer Aided Design to extract the Quantities and Volumes for the construction works. Linear Drainage and Irrigation measures, Volumes  for gravels and sands, areas for topsoil strip and bulk earthworks quantities are just some of the information which can be read from our Masterplan design. This information, along with the site specifications which are tailored individually for each project, will then be structured and presented to our client as part of the Design Package. Onhand of these quantities we can solidify our original cost estimate.

Project Management

Earthworks, Erster Golfclub Westpfalz

The "Design & Build" system means that Projekt Management and design implementation if a fluid symbiosis. A projekt manager is full time on site and will :


  • manage the Day to Day running of the job
  • delegate Atlantic Golf Shapers and Technicians
  • co-ordinate Sub-contractors
  • co-ordinate the clubs own staff who have been assigned to the construction projekt
  • manage materials deliveries
  • give regular and direkt feedback to the client



Lake Lining, Golfclub Bachgrund

Golf course projekt can have a wide spektrum of different constuction specialities. Our clients profit at this stage from our wide network of specialised construction companies. Our clients have the option to contract these companies directly on the basis of our tender documents or Atlantic Golf Design can function as a general contrator. Works which may be sub-contracted include:

  • Lakelining
  • Planting
  • Irrigation
  • Land Drainage
  • Seeding works
  • Earthmovement
  • Bunker Lining
  • Civil Works


Shaping Services

Atlantic Golf Design offer a full shaping service on all of its projects, whether it be smaller more intimate works like bunker remodelling or full scale earth movement co-ordination and bulk shaping. As we work within our  own tight network of Shapers, our design goals are quickly understood and implemented and we benefit from seamless feedback which enhances our work in the field.



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